Startup repair error code 0x0

Boot or startup errors are critical errors that occur when your PC is unable to load Windows because of a serious system malfunction. The errors of this kind need to be fixed as soon as possible.
If you are not a PC expert use the following first-aid solutions:
(only REAL working solutions, no useless "registry optimizers"!)

Solution 1:

Recommended if you cannot boot your PC because of an error message at startup or logon, blue screen, black screen, boot loop or other problem:

Solution 2:

Recommended if you can start Windows at least in Safe Mode:

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startup repair error code 0x0

"Startup repair error code 0x0" takes place when Windows Vista or any other edition of Microsoft OS runs up an issue it has no chance to bypass. Firslty, your operating system makes an attempt to vanish the clash, though, whenever it isn't able to while the breakdown can mar the system, your operating system crashes. You don't have time to waste when you run into a blue screen.

startup repair error code 0x0 - How I Extirpated BSOD

Solution 1:

Recommended if you cannot enter Windows because of a boot error:
  • Use This Boot Error Repair Toolfixing boot error
    Spotmau BootSuite fixes computers that won't boot because of a blue screen error message, black screen, boot loop, "ntldr is missing", "bootmgr is missing", "operating system not found" and other error messages. It also eliminates the problems that cause the error.
  • Start BootSuite and follow the simple direction on the screen.
  • When you access your broken system let BootSuite fix the errors to prevent problems in future

Solution 2:

Recommended if you can start Windows at least in Safe Mode:
  • Free Download This Boot Error Repair Tool0x0000007B solution: Reimage FREE Download
    This is my favorite tool so far because it automatically fixes a wide range of computer problems, such as boot errors, blue screens, crashes, freezes, system file and registry damage, .dll and .sys file errors, removes malware, such as viruses or trojans, and other troubles.
    Reimage is widely used by PC technicians to fix Windows errors and repair damaged systems.
  • Another, very important reason why I highly recommend it above all other tools and methods (and I can't stress it enough!), is that this is the only tool that fixes the damage that has already been done to your system by a virus or any other malware. An antivirus will only remove or isolate a virus, but the damage it has caused will remain and your system will be crashing until you wipe it and reformat your PC. This tool eliminates the necessity to reformat your computer and reinstall an setup all your programs again.
  • The third (but not the last) reason is that even PC technicians use this tool to automatically remove Windows errors and fix the damaged systems.
  • It has already fixed over 1 million computers!
  • Simply let it scan your computer and remove the errors.

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Problem: Startup Repair -
Fixed by Russell On 7\5\11
Summary: Vista Startup Repair Tutorial:­m/tutorials/tutorial148.html. ... Error code = 0x0 Time taken = 0 ms. ... Error code = 0x0 Time taken = 31 ms. ...
Last Solved:
Problem: How Windows RE Works - TechNet - Microsoft
Brief Summary: Hello there.. newbie here and need some help.. i have smsung laptop model:NP305E7A-A02US 500G HDD 4G RAM Quadcore Processor.. i ran startup repair and here's the ...
Possible Solution: BSODs should in no state of things be avoided if your computer is dear to you. Conflicts that produce system failures shall take an eternity to enumerate. At times, your sole reprieve should be adding brand-new hardware and replacing out of wack items. When the rigid disk induces error codes, at times putting the data from dead locations to empty sections makes it practicable to save the records and fix that driver....

Unresolved Cases of "startup repair error code 0x0":

Fixed by Walter On 9\12\10
Summary: The Windows Vista Error Code 0X0. ... How to Fix a Microsoft Windows XP Pro Error Code 28. ... Windows Startup Error Codes. ...
Problem: Fix Problems with Windows 7 Startup Error Code 0x0?
Fixed by Earl On 2\4\9
Summary: How to Repair Windows 7 startup error code 0x0 Problems RegCure is a PC Repair tool designed to repair Windows 7 Startup Error Code 0x0 problems & errors.
Fixed by Felipe On 3\13\12
Summary: Startup repair is unable to repair. Also, unable to start in safe mode. Following is problem signature: Problem event name: StartupRepairV2 Problem Signature 01: AutoFailover Problem ... Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically. All test performed comes back with Error Code 0x0. ...
Signposts alerting a user your system HDD may retire
  • The hard disk drive remains undetected by a system BIOS
  • Windows crashes in the course of loading in most cases
  • deadly silent hard drive
  • iterative beeping and chattering noise it never emitted before

Resolved Cases of "startup repair error code 0x0":

Fixed by Cornelius On 3\26\11
: Your Next Measures
Summary: When asked to launch startup repair, ... Error code = 0x0 Root cause found: Startup Repair has tried several times but still cannot determine the cause of the problem."
What if the OS freezes.
  • Give up resource-intensive Windows graphics in your operating system options to unallocate some resources
  • correct information fragmentation, one of the most typical causes of snail-like OS performance, that procedure demands 15% of available harddrive room
  • never crowd large numbers of obsolete restore points
  • no matter what, stay off giving refuge to junkware on your laptop
  • audit which apps are permitted to be running at Windows boot up and turn off accessory ones
  • you are about utterly cramming the disc: your unoccupied hard-drive space must be above 15%
  • do you go on utilizing Vista operating system? - even developers acknowledge that Windows Vista had proven to have too many problems
  • malware, e.c ransomware, phishing-ware extirpation is most far-sighted step to take with Windows slowdowns
  • clean up the Prefetch folder

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Fixed by Mat On 4\22\10
Summary: Try our New Search Results!
Fixed by Cornelius On 2\25\12
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Summary: How do you fix windows ultimate 7 error 0x0 and startup? ... The laptop shut's down and has an error code 0X0 .The laptop won't starup and recover back ...
Fixed by Tommy On 4\11\9
Summary: 5 Oct 2011 ... Result: Completed successfully. Error code = 0x0. Root cause found: Startup Repair has tried several times but still cannot determine the cause ...
Other possibly maleficent Windows OS problems can be:
    Numeric code: 1415 (0x587)
    Meaning: Using private DIALOG window words.
    Numeric code: 1076 (0x434)
    Meaning: The current boot has already been accepted for use as the last-known-good control set.
    Numeric code: 4253 (0x109D)
    Meaning: The length of the SID supplied is not a valid length for app container SIDs.
    Numeric code: 1421 (0x58D)
    Meaning: Control ID not found.

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Startup Repair will try to repair computers that are unbootable because of the following ... Error code = 0x0. Diagnostic and repair processes finished without error.
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Startup Repair is a tool that automates common diagnostic and repair tasks of unbootable Windows ... Error code = 0x0 Time taken = 125 ms Test Performed: ...

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