STOP: 0x0000007b Error

0x0000007B error (STOP 0x7b) is a critical error that should be resolved as soon as possible. However, don't hurry to pay the crazy money ranging from $200 to $600 or even more to PC repair shops (that's the amount you may have to pay for routine procedures you could do yourself at little or no cost). We hope our tips help you resolve 0x0000007B error and save your $500 for something actually worth that money.

0x0000007B 0xF78D2524

The 0x0000007B 0xF78D2524 error combination frequently occurs during Windows installation after booting the CD. A typical error message looks like this:

***STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF78D2524,0xC0000034,0x00000000,0x00000000)

As the values in parenthesis may vary, the solutions suggested below apply specifically to 0x0000007B 0xF78D2524 cases. These were suggested by users who successfully resolved 0x0000007B 0xF78D2524 error combination.

0x0000007B 0xF78D2524 Solution

In most cases, 0x0000007B 0xF78D2524 is caused by AHCI/RAID mode of SATA controller. You may need to change bios settings, specifically, change SATA Operation from the BIOS section known as ‘Drives’. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Restart and start pressing F2 to enter BIOS
  • Expand the “Drives” section
  • Choose “SATA Operation”
  • Change SATA Operation from “RAID Auto/AHCI” to “RAID Auto/ATA”

Drives Configuration options may differ on different laptops. For example, on Lenovo you may need to perform the following operations:

  • Pressed F2 to enter BIOS setup on startup
  • Choose “Configuration” tab
  • Choose “SATA Mode Selection”
  • Changed the mode from AHCI to IDE
  • Save new Configuration options and restart
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