TOSHIBA Portege startup black screen

Boot or startup errors are critical errors that occur when your PC is unable to load Windows because of a serious malfunction. Errors of this kind should be fixed as soon as possible. However, don't hurry to call to PC repair services and pay from $250 to $450 for things you can easily do on your own at little or no cost).
If you are not a PC expert use the following first-aid solutions:
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Recommended if you cannot boot your PC because of an error message at startup or logon, blue screen, black screen, boot loop or other problem:

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Recommended if you can start Windows at least in Safe Mode:

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In the event you meet consecutive startup failures XP or any other version of Microsoft OS is for sure out of joint. It signifies that there must be no delays with ousting the BSOD, whenever you receive one.

TOSHIBA Portege startup black screen - Keeping Safeguarded From Impudent Blue Screens

Fixed by Edwin On 10\14\10
Summary: PX30t - 23" Touch Screen PC; by customer; Home & Home Office; ... Toshiba America Foundation ... Portégé ® KIRA® DESKTOPS; All ...
Fixed by Mickey On 2\14\10
Summary: It will power on and the Toshiba logo will come up, then it goes black. ... I turned on fine and the next it seemed to start and then went to black screen.
Problem: Toshiba
Fixed by Albert On 10\12\9
Summary: Portege R700 internal screen very dark but can use external monitor ... however the laptop would boot up as nomal and i could use it normally ...

When PC Keeps Crashing at Starup...

  • Granted that a crash of that type occurred after activating out of date and unsigned programs deactivate or refresh them all through Safe Mode.
  • another technique to define and then weed out virus contaminants inducing the crash in the process of start up is obtaining your operating system boot CD.
  • on conditions that the Windows based PC is able to load the OS Last Known Good Configuration and System Restore feature has proven to be worth trying
Last Solved:
Brief Summary: Looking for ideas to resolve black screen upon boot of Lion 10.7.2. This is on a .... hardware: Toshiba Portege Ultrabook Z835 (i3 / 128GB SSD)
Possible Solution: Not solely us but 100 percent of systems falls out with an ailment. Coming across a system error can be a ground to feel frightened. Hardware is a less trivial plague for the larger part of computer ownwers. The sad news is that removing the out of order memory or harddisk or video display board frequently ought to be the only exit point. With a system drive problem, you shall both fling away the largest part of your data or rescue the hard disc and the information, when nothing but singular locations became bad....

Unresolved Cases of "TOSHIBA Portege startup black screen":

Fixed by Luther On 12\21\12
Summary: Portégé Laptops; Qosmio Laptops ... to see if I could see the start up then but ... posts regarding the Toshiba laptop screen staying black and have tried ...
Fixed by Al On 12\27\11
Summary: I would hear the laptop running, yet my screen would stay black. I had done a little ... On re-boot the monitor is lit, but I have no display. You can ...
Markers that suggest this is a hard drive fallout
  • The system boot up aborts often
  • "OS was not detected" or a resembling terminal error
  • an out-of-run boot harddisc typically gives funny periodic tones, like squealing or/and buzzing,
  • the laptop's BIOS locating your boot SATA rigid drive but providing erratic facts on it
  • perfectly sound-free system disc when functioning

Resolved Cases of "TOSHIBA Portege startup black screen":

Fixed by Nathaniel On 12\27\12
Fixes And Compasses Technicians Acknowledge
Summary: Discussions about Toshiba's computers, ... 23" Touch Screen PC; Business Desktops; ... Portégé Laptops. Latest Topic ...
Fixed by Emanuel On 1\23\10
You Experience An Issue - We Provide The Resolution
Summary: Ive got a curious issue with one of our in house Toshiba Portege 830 laptops. The user had a docking station. The display screen is black. However on boot the secondary monitor shows the windows startup screen but then.. goes black as well.

Most Discussed:

Fixed by Ophelia On 2\17\9
Summary: ... no dim lighting...BLACK!! the computer is booting up on command and tur ... Toshiba Laptop screen is black at startup! ... Start a discussion. ...
Ratings: low urgency| lowest recurrence| high gravity Details...>>
Fixed by Louisa On 12\5\9
Summary: I own a Toshiba Portege R835 laptop for a year and a half, and experienced a pretty frustrating screen problem twice. I am willing to share my ...
Ratings: medium urgency| high recurrence| medium gravity Details...>>
Heading off most of suchlike error alerts is absolutely necessary:
    Numeric code: 995 (0x3E3)
    Meaning: The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request.
  • Message: ERROR_DDE_FAIL
    Numeric code: 1156 (0x484)
    Meaning: An error occurred in sending the command to the application.

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"Vista message: Object already non-existent. Are you sure you still want to delete? (N/N)"
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TOSHIBA Portege startup black screen Fix

Advanced 0x0000007b Troubleshooting

Encountered fairly regularly:

"The system tried to SUBST a drive to a directory on a joined drive. "

Reported: 30 times.

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