blue screen error 0x00000024

'blue screen error 0x00000024' is a critical error that needs to be fixed as soon as possible because it means that Windows ran into a problem and had to shut down abnormally to prevent further damage to your PC or even loss of valuable data. However, don't hurry to call to PC repair services and pay from $250 to $450 for things you can easily do on your own at little or no cost).
If you are not a PC expert use the following first-aid solutions:

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"Blue screen error 0x00000024" error appearing on the the blue screen of death should be regarded as a serious warning flag. Because of this a blue screen of death of such a nature needs your quick action.

blue screen error 0x00000024 - Don't Permit it to Display Any More

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Possible Solution: Getting stuck on PC problems sometimes seems to be a stress to most users like you. On top of the above, there in 100 per cent of cases proves to be a specific ground that draws that system error message. Rather often, the only panacea appears to be utilizing another module of hardware and throwing away inoperative rigid disk or video card or memory blocks. The information out of corrupt hard disk sections has to be in-flight pulled back and relocated into non inval clear locations by your OS....

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SATA disk falling out - hallmarks that could be important to note

  • The laptop undertakes many unavailing load attempts
  • machine's BIOS able to spot the operating system yet providing totally wrong information about it
  • No system harddrive can be displayed in the machine's BIOS
  • strange noises one has not spotted in the past are the most sinister indicants
  • Not merely loud knocking or whining noises, rum for a runnable disk, total stillness is a sad sign as well

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Fixed by Samuel On 7\18\11
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Summary: Windows operating system will encounter a number of errors and fixing them is sometimes easier, but the issue goes critical when the error is typical and ...
Problem: Alive -
Fixed by Gabriel On 2\2\11
How To Eradicate PC Error Messages?
Summary: I shut down my pc while it was running chkdsk (yes, I now know how stupid that was) and since then could not get past the blue screen error message above.

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Such error messages have to be watched for:

    Numeric code: 5926 (0x1726)
    Meaning: The cluster network is not valid for an IPv6 Address resource, or it does not match the configured address.
    Numeric code: 1013 (0x3F5)
    Meaning: The configuration registry key could not be written.
    Numeric code: 161 (0xA1)
    Meaning: The specified path is invalid.
    Numeric code: 722 (0x2D2)
    Meaning: The resumable flag to a timer API was ignored.

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"Bweare of Ronald Reagan Virus: - Saves your data, but forgets where it is stored."
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Advanced 0x0000007b Troubleshooting

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"The path specified is being used in a substitute. "

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How dead is dead?How dead is dead?Sometimes, those who have died seem more alive than those who have not(18). The Stars and Stripes may change the outcomes of elections(24). The human

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